About le me

about_photoAs a child I used to be passionate about Lego and building (…or breaking) stuff.

When Lego announced Mindstrorms (which is basically a embedded system with a renesas-h8/300 micro-controller) I instantly fell in love with it and started saving money to afford it for about a year.
It was quite fun and challenging at the same time

net_split is my online name which I have used since 2003. I came up with the name because people blamed me for so called ‘net split’ errors on the IRC – a disconnection between different IRC nodes. This tend to happen a lot back then.

However, it stuck.

In 2008 I started studying electronic engineering and information technology at the former university Fridericiana zu Karlsruhe, which now has become part of the Karlsruher Institute of Technology.

The first real micro-controller was a birthday present from some friends and fellow students. I started hooking up LED’s and other little things. Then LCDs, sensors, photocells and now TFT LCDs. The possibilities seems endless, still it remains a lot of work and reading every time.

Eventually it lead to my work as an electronic engineer. In my spare time I still work on more interesting stuff, especially home automation. You can find a list of my open source projects here. 

Questions and or offers regarding my work as a journalist or military consultant?
Feel free to contact me, you might want to use PGP/GPG.